Down The Rabbit Hole of Madness

Down The Rabbit Hole Of Madness is my new Youtube channel which I have chosen to endeavour creating content for. I had a channel years ago about positivity and found it became more of an avenue for exes to stalk me than an actual vehicle of change. I’m hoping to reinvent the wheel so to speak with this channel and be as authentic about my experience and advice on bipolar disorder.

I intend to discuss issues of depression, psychosis, medication, hospitalizations and personal experiences with the disorder in an honest and raw way. I realize it’s intimidating putting yourself out there like this but I feel it’s about time I contributed in a more impactful way to the voices on mental health. As someone who is writing a memoir on her experiences with insanity drawing a parallel between herself and Alice in Adventure’s in Wonderland, the title “Down The Rabbit Hole of Madness” seemed astute and the content necessary to further get my message of hope across.

I won’t bore you with the details….yet, haha. But if you’re interested, give my first Vlog a view and please “Like” and “Subscribe” if you feel so inclined.

All My Love,




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