Month: June 2022


I Hold On When I Get Love, And I Let Go When I Give It

I am never afraid to throw myself in the deep end cause I know I will never drown if I am being authentic with myself. I worked too hard to love and respect myself to throw in the towel now. Yes, I beat myself up (on the regular) and there’s days I hate some of my neurotic tendencies but at the end of the day, I got me for life. The conversations you have with yourself and the way you interpret your experiences will dictate the kind of life you will have. I choose to see everything as a learning experience and a way to get to know myself better. The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. Let the anger, the bitter thoughts go. Whatever heavy bullshit you’re carrying in your heart – let it all go. It’s okay to bask in it for a minute (we’re all human), let it serve it’s purpose, as a warning signal to work on yourself a little harder.

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