I am experiencing a metamorphosis and I can feel my bones breaking and bending into a newer, more brilliant version of myself. It’s uncomfortable yet liberating. I am finally realizing what serves me; what works in my life and what does not. It is uncomfortable because I am doing some heavy healing and acknowledging I […]

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Optimistically Uneasy Towards My Future

I am learning to compromise in life, to compromise with expectations. It took me nearly thirty years to figure out life will follow it’s own natural ebb and flow regardless of what you expect or think you deserve. I am optimistic, however, that what is meant for me will be for me. I do genuinely believe that and on days I lose hope, or ground, I remember this statement. It comforts me. If I am authentic with my intentions for my ideal future, I can aim and land the mark at least slightly in the ballpark of what I envisioned…I believe this

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A Serious Fork In My Road

I want to change. It’s that simple. But how? I’ve reached a fork in the road and have a decision to make as to what path I should follow. I can continue to go down the path I’ve been following of abusing substances and numbing my feelings of worthlessness OR I can travel down a […]

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