Yet Another Visit To My Psychiatrist…

prescription pad

Part of managing my illness is going to see my psychiatrist every few months which I consider a waste of my time other than the prescription he fills for my injection but he fills this maybe once a year. I consider it a waste of my time because my psychiatrist spends more time commenting on my outfits and purses than my actual mental health. Today, he wanted to know where my latest purse was from which I answered “I got it from a friend.” He also kept insisting I had lost weight to which I responded “Actually I have gained weight.” He ignored this comment and when on to say how he would not be able to recognize me next time for I’ll be 110 pounds!

He always inevitably asks about whether or not I would consider pursuing school to which I reply I simply do not have the funds. It’s frustrating when he asks this every time and I have explained my financial situation in depth a few times now. His words of wisdom today were “rob a bank!” To which, I nervously laugh thinking to myself “and you’re a psychiatrist?”

I live in the Niagara Region and the psychiatry here is a running joke. I tried getting a new psychiatrist and even went as far as Hamilton to consult with one but no psychiatrist will take me on as a patient while I still have one, even if that one is slightly an idiot. The psychiatrist I have now once prescribed two medications to me which induced a full blown psychotic manic episode. Needless to say, I do not trust his decisions but yet I cannot get another one even if I have major issues with the one I currently have.

Thank god god for my family doctor who got me on disability when my psychiatrist signed off that I was perfectly fine (and this is when I was agoraphobic and terrified to leave the house). My family doctor has also been adjusting my anti-depressants in my psychiatrist’s absence and weaned me off them entirely which is a definite positive. They were making me lethargic and gain weight. They also have the tendency to turn me manic and I am not looking to get hospitalized again.

I will continue to go to my psychiatrist as often as he deems necessary but am praying he retires soon cause I cannot deal with his comments and lack of real support. I see him more as a walking prescription pad than a real psychiatrist. If I need any support or more support than I currently have, I will be making an appointment with my family doctor cause she is the most helpful and trustworthy.

As for robbing that bank, I told my psychiatrist “I’ll get right on that!”

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