Manic Creations Design

I recently decided to open an Etsy store to sell my paintings and I named it Manic Creations Design. I thought the name was appropriate since I tend to create in a hypomanic state and my paintings tend to have more of a design element to them as I have a tendency to abstract objective images. I am also working towards becoming a Graphic Designer which I am studying currently at Niagara College. This store title might very well be the beginning of something even bigger – perhaps the name of my business as a designer. I created a logo for the storefront using the skills learned in one of my design courses (pictured below).

My Logo for Manic Creations Design

I created the logo in illustrator using my favourite font “Bauhaus” which I think is a clever tribute to design in general in that it is named after a famous design school in Germany. I am more than enthused that I can apply the skills I am learning in my Graphic Design program to real life and projects that I am currently working on. The Etsy store is just opening and has one painting for sale so far which is titled “It’s All Coming Up Roses.” It is a watercolour painting featuring my design of a collage of abstracted roses. It is painted using all metallic watercolour paints so that depending on the way the light reflects it, it appears unique from different angles (pictured below).

“It’s All Coming Up Roses” – A Manic Creations Design original painting

I am also blessed to have friends who see the value in my art and take it upon themselves to purchase pieces from me. I recently sold a watercolour painting titled “Vintage Roses” to my best friend (pictured below). I do not know if this new Etsy endeavor of mine will prove successful but I believe in my talent as an artist and think it is about time I started putting myself out there.

“Vintage Roses” (SOLD)

So Please, Help A Young Artist Out! Buy some art from your girl….

You can find my original art work for sale at

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