The Weekly Smile for October 14, 2019


The blog “Trent’s World” hosts a weekly smile blogging event in which you can write about what made you smile the past week. You can find the rules on his blog provided in the link below:

I will admit my smile for this week is a little macabre in that it was caused by a car accident I was in this week. I smiled in the passenger seat of a cop car, while catching a glimpse of my boyfriend in the ambulance ahead of me, to check whether or not my newly fixed teeth were still there and alright. I smiled bigger when I realized my teeth were just fine but also because I realized in the grande scheme of things my boyfriend and I, were fine…we were still alive.

We were rushed to the hospital emergency room and were registered to have our injuries accessed – we were both experiencing neck pain. Around 8 hours later we would be released with a clear bill of health minus some muscular pain that the ER doctor said could be managed with ibuprofen. I smiled then too, after our X-rays were back and I was told we did not break or severe anything. The biggest smile I had that night though was witnessing an act of kindness and love in the emergency room that night.

There was a young man with a big gash above his eye and his eye was swollen over. He was waiting to be examined and to get stitches since he had been jumped on the street. I smiled because right there with him through all of it was his girlfriend who held gauze pads to his eye as he slowly fell asleep against her. She had argued with a nurse to get those gauze pads since the cloth they gave her was sticking to his gash. I smiled because even though it was horrible what had happened to him that night, he had someone who supported him and was kind enough to hold gauze pads to his face for roughly six hours straight.

I was losing sight of being positive about the accident and how we were ultimately still alive and spiraling into a negative tailspin of “why would this happen to us?” Until I seen the scene I described above and I smiled, truly smiled because I realized THERE IS STILL kindness in the world no matter how scary or awful it may seem at times.


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  1. Wow, glad that for the most part you and your boyfriend are OK. And that dedicated young lady holding the gauze on her boyfriend’s wound for six hours – sometimes we do need to witness kindness to remember that there is good in the world.

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