Wasting Time

My favourite pastime as of late seems to be wasting time. When I reflect on my life, I see a lot of time wasted. I guess that makes me the cup half empty girl. But seriously, I spend most my time napping or getting high. I want to, no I need to, be more productive with my time. This blog post is a cry of help to myself that I need to simply do better.

I have my productive moments like when I am volunteering at the local cat adoption or art store. I have even more fleeting moments of productivity on my own when I am producing an art piece or writing. But these moments are far and few in between. I want to be more productive on a regular basis.

I need to start setting goals for my day and in general. One goal I have been neglecting is to get my driver’s license and start saving up for a car. I decided as of yesterday that I have put this on the back burner long enough and am going to make an action plan on how I can achieve this.

I have also been neglecting my fitness goals like to be in the gym several times a week. I have decided this week to enroll at a gym and start to make an effort to go there and work out regularly. I would like to be down to my goal weight sooner than later. I also have a feeling if I work out regularly, some of these depression symptoms will fade.

I have wasted enough time being idle. I need to take the reigns to my life back. I need to stop saying, “Oh, I’ll do that tomorrow” and say “No, I’ll fucking do that today!”

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