Side Effects of Quitting Dope – Insomnia and Positivity

I am going on four weeks sober from quitting smoking marijuana and I’ve already noticed some changes. One of these changes is that I seem to be the Energizer Bunny with a shit ton of energy and inability to sleep. Prior to this endeavor I was napping constantly and having a hard time being awake and alert. I feel as though I am making up for lost time. I want to do the things I was unable to before and I want to do it all!

The most beneficial change and the one I’ve noticed the most is I have a much better accepting and positive attitude. I can accept where I am in life and have slowly made plans to make small changes in order to achieve the longer term goals I am now setting myself. While smoking dope I was prone to commiserate on my current situation and smoked even more dope to deal with the commiseration. I want to be more active in my life both physically and figuratively.

I have set myself a really realistic goal of registering and attending driver’s school in the Fall. Before I was too negative and anxiety ridden to even consider this idea. Now that I am sober, however, anything and everything seems possible! I accept that there may be challenges. both mental and financial, but instead of shying away from the challenge I am ready to take it on.

I believe if I can get sober after five years of chronic misuse of cannabis than I can do anything I set my mind to! I am confident I will never smoke the reefer again and being around it does not even faze me (seeing as it is legal in my country). My willpower is astounding these past four weeks and I have pleasantly surprised myself – it’s good to know I still got it in me!

To all of you looking to get sober from either hard drugs or recreational ones like pot, just know there really is hope for you – especially if a crazy (literally certifiable a.k.a bipolar chick) stoner and recreational coke user like me could quit after five years of insanity. I got sober despite my very chronic and active use of drugs and so can you!

Feel Free to Comment about your adventures or challenges with sobriety for there is power in solidarity.

Keep Trying! You’ ll Get There!

Sobriety Huh?

fuck pot

I have mentioned in previous blog posts that I have wanted to get sober from smoking pot and how it was a big struggle for me. I am proud to say I am almost three weeks sober! This is the longest time I have gone without in over five years and so it is no easy feat and yet it is. I have been constantly surrounded by substances these past weeks and have consistently rejected them. Three weeks ago I simply said enough is enough! and I have stayed true to this realization since.

So what do I notice has changed since quitting pot?

I have noticed I have tons of energy and am able to get through the day without napping which I was not managing beforehand. Before quitting weed, I was always tired and constantly oversleeping which was starting to alarm me. I also notice a more positive attitude and increase in productivity. I no longer want to sit around wasting my time getting high when I could be doing things! like going for long bike rides or painting a beautiful piece of art.

My next challenge when I feel ready is to quit smoking cigarettes as I am a terrible chainsmoker. But I am convinced it is too soon to quit something that may be a crutch during this time of sobriety. It is definitely something I will however be working on in the near future.

I just want to be my best and healthiest self and I think I am finally on the road to getting there. For all of you out there struggling to quit just believe there is hope. Your willpower may be just around the corner. It’s just waiting for you to find it.